Obesity, Diet, and Activity

TV in the Bedroom and Child Overweight

As the prevalence of overweight children increases, children’s use of the media is also dramatically increasing. Studies linking the convergence of these two trends have demonstrated that high levels of TV use are significantly associated with child overweight. As reported in the International Journal of Obesity (September, 2006), we examined having a TV in the bedroom as a risk factor for child overweight. We identified and enrolled 2343 child/parent pairs (children ages 9 - 12) in New Hampshire and Vermont public schools. Self-administered written surveys were followed up by telephone surveys.

Having a TV in the bedroom is a significant predictor of child overweight.

Even after controlling for the expected risk factors (frequency of TV watching, physical activity and socioeconomic status) children with a TV in the bedroom were still 1.3 times more likely to be overweight than children without a TV in the bedroom.

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